Bii Mission Statement

To create world-class bioinformatics technologies specifically intended for commercial exploitation, thus enabling the development of the North East of England as a driving force in bioinformatics in the UK.

Key Objectives

Bii has three key objectives:

  1. To create bioinformatics technologies that are commercially viable;
  2. To facilitate the exploitation and commercialisation of knowledge for the benefit of the Region's economy and the economy of the UK;
  3. To provide a market-focused research environment that fosters entrepreneurship, the creation of new start-ups and spin-outs, and growth in the Region's SME base.

In addition, Bii has a number of supplementary objectives:

  • To promote the North East of England as a location able to deliver research, development and investment in bioinformatics;
  • To effect technology transfer between Universities and Business;
  • To build long-term, sustainable relationships between the Region's Universities and Industry;
  • To retain talent within the Region;
  • To catalyse the growth of new SMEs;
  • To stimulate regional levels of private sector R&D.

This Institute will also build upon significant expertise located at the Universities of Durham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; Northumbria , Sunderland and Teesside.  From its outset, the Institute will be industry-facing and collaborate on cutting-end problems of relevance to improved medication and healthcare delivery. The mathematical approaches to be developed will find numerous cutting-edge applications in modern medicine and therapy development. These include:

  • precocious diagnosis of life-threatening disease
  • individuals responding adversely to one or more drugs
  • monitoring new treatments in clinical and pre-clinical trials
  • predicting disease and treatment outcomes
  • improved economic and practical efficiencies in healthcare delivery
  • better targeting of high cost treatments to those patients most likely to benefit
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