Bii Brochure

Bii Brochure
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Microbial Proteomics: Functional Biology of Whole Organisms
Ian Humphery-Smith (Editor), Michael Hecker (Editor)
ISBN: 0-471-69975-6
536 pages
August 2006

Contextualising Proteins through a Systems Approach - May 2005 flyer from BII providing an overview of our approach
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The search for validated biomarkers in the face of biosystems complexity - reprint from Drug Discovery World Spring 2005
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The Relationship between the Flexibility of Proteins and their Conformational States on Forming Protein–Protein Complexes with an Application to Protein–Protein Docking - Graham R. Smith, Michael J. E. Sternberg and Paul A. Bates, reprinted from the Journal of Molecular Biology (2005) 347, 1077–1101, available from Science World
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Kinetic Modelling: The Integration and Analysis of Dynamic Biological Data at Multiple Level - Paper on BII's Systems Biology approach
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Press releases

Bii appoints Colin Proudfoot as CFO. Colin brings 20 years experience in financial control and strategy, M & A, business modelling, strategy development & implementation, capital raising, commercial negotiations and compliance. - 28th March 2006
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Bii appoints David Flanders as COO. The former Lion Biosciences senior director brings 20 years' international experience in life sciences software development - 13th December 2005
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Pattern Expert Proteomics Software - 31st August 2005
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Lucidyx LLC Collaboration - 23rd June 2005
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Russian Collaboration - 16th May 2005
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Launch of Bii - 14th June 2004
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